We Need More Coming-of-Age Films about Young Black Women

There’s an urgency to see more young black women at the centre of coming of age films. In this battle for representation, we not only have to tackle the capitalist structure that prioritizes white narratives, but we also have to address the fact that for young black women, coming of age experiences are not monolithic… Continue reading We Need More Coming-of-Age Films about Young Black Women

I Said What I Said LOL

The unapologetic wave that has washed over women recently has had many identities: “Did I stutter”, “sorry not sorry”, “I said what I said” and the 2018 version: “No more putting 'lol' at the end of my statements in 2k18. I said what I said.” The motto is a symbol of resistance against vulnerability, ownership… Continue reading I Said What I Said LOL

Me: Bitching About Elevator Etiquette

This is a list of acceptable and unacceptable behaviours surrounding the use of an elevator. Some of these rules may not apply to you if you have a disability/mobility issues. If you’ve ever had to use an elevator, consult this list. I made this jokingly but I still mean it. If you live on the… Continue reading Me: Bitching About Elevator Etiquette

my first brazilian wax

The only thing I knew to expect was pain. While I heard there could be blood (a Brazilian wax is, after all, a vicious tearing of hair from the skin) it was still shocking to look between my legs and see sticky pubes clumped together with specks of blood. But I prevailed. I also knew… Continue reading my first brazilian wax


Facebook Post x A.J Estridge

A woke audience makes all the difference. On Facebook, my friend posted that he needed to “re-watch Get Out at STC on a Tuesday so [he] can get the real nigga experience some of y'all had.” He wasn’t exaggerating. In fact, it shouldn’t be surprising that there was a significant vibe that came with watching… Continue reading WATCHING “GET OUT” IN Scarborough IS A CINEMATIC EXPERIENCE OF ITS OWN


Beggars can’t be choosers. That’s the one thought that temporarily shuts down all my concerns when it comes to intern application season. Does it matter if the workplace is diverse? Does it matter if it’s paid? Does it matter if the work environment is hostile? The way I see it, I’m at the bottom. I’m… Continue reading INTERNSHIPS: “OUT WITH THE OLD, IN WITH THE NEW.”