We Need More Coming-of-Age Films about Young Black Women 
There’s an urgency to see more young black women at the centre of coming of age films. In this battle for representation, we not only have to tackle the capitalist structure that prioritizes white narratives, but we also have to address the fact that for young black women, coming of age experiences are not monolithic — and these stories ought to be directed by black women, duh.

I Said What I Said LOL
Being unapologetic isn’t a game. It requires you to acknowledge what you can and cannot tolerate on your journey to creating your positive space. And it just so happens that my positive space doesn’t shame women for their unapologetic sexuality (or sluttiness). When I first gained a sense of unapologetic-ness, I was horny and eager to test my sexual boundaries, and I continue to do so in safe places. By safe place I mean; with people whom I can experiment, express concerns, curiosities and debunk myths. In exchange, I gain orgasms and insight.


Your Guide To Caribana’s Scorching 2017 Festivities
Cover your weaves and wear your cutest bawty shorts because the month-long celebration has a lot in store.

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Spanish Tunes To Whine To This Summer
It became overtly clear that the world loved “Despacito” when the single became the first completely Spanish song to the reach No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 list. To maintain that vibe, we’ve compiled a list of Spanish and Spanish-influenced tunes to whine up to for the rest of the summer.

Pharrell Really Wants To Collaborate With Kaytranada
Pharrell just asked Kaytranada to make an EP with him—and we’re all for it.

Is Kanye West Working On A New Album In The Mountains?
Have you noticed that Kanye West has been absent from the limelight lately? He skipped the Met Gala. He deleted his Instagram and Twitter just last week. And now, it’s been reported that he’s spending time at a Wyoming retreat on top of a mountain, working on his next album.

Young Thug Teases Music From His Debut Album E.B.B.T.G On Instagram
Young Thug gave the public a peek into the music from his upcoming album E.B.B.T.G on Instagram.

Here’s Every Time 4YallEntertainment Has Collaborated With Musicians
They’ve done some amazing collaborations and since they’ll be presenting at this year’s iHeartRadio MMVAs, we thought we’d throw back to all the times they’ve shown support—or were supported by—musicians in the city.

8 Keke Palmer Instagram Dance Videos That Give Us Life
Keke Palmer’s random and cinematically-pleasing Instagram dance videos are the perfect ode to her multi-talented spirit. Palmer will be presenting at this year’s iHeartRadio MMVAs on June 18, so before she rolls up, be sure to check out our favourite dancing clips from her ‘gram below.

Bea Miller Drops New Tracks To Ease Us Into Summer
Bea Miller’s taking her fans on an emotional road trip this summer by launching three-piece portions of her newest EP.

Canadian ballroom dance duo Luka and Jenalyn feeling the Olympic-like heat on ‘World of Dance’
“World of Dance” brings together some of the best dancers from around the world to compete for the chance to win $1,000,000. Amongst the crowd of talented performers is ballroom dancers Luka and Jenalyn, the only Canadian duo competing.

Though the Queen of Flavour walked away without the “MasterChef Canada” title, she knows that when one door closes a few more will open.

Colt Prattes wanted to bring as much heart to ‘Dirty Dancing’ remake as Patrick Swayze did to original film
Colt Prattes has performed on Broadway, danced on tour and now he’s taking on his first film role as Johnny Castle in the “Dirty Dancing” television remake 30 years after the film’s original release.

Buy The Way: #FreeTheNipple
Boobs, breasts, tatas, titties, teets or whatever you like to call them–their nicknames are endless, and so is our devotion to them. No matter what size they are, what direction they’re facing or what marks have been bestowed upon them–   breasts are dynamite and should  be appreciated every bounce of the way. Click through for the ~breast~ buying guide we’ve ever put together!

Buy The Way: Pins and Patches
Pins and patches make great statement pieces for bags, clothes or whatever you feel like attaching them to. Whether you want to show off your love for Migos or just good ole’ bacon, there’s a pin or patch out there for you. Click through for a buying guide of some of our faves!

Celebrating Thorncliffe Park
Challenged neighbourhood has colourful past, future potential in pop-up exhibit

Sexual assault display on the road
Show finished at Nathan Philips Square, to pop up on university campuses

A Toronto youth workshop brings elements of hip-hop together
Members of 16 Bars, a youth oriented hip-hop workshop, encourage emerging artists to pursue their dreams

‘Break-in’ at store turned out to be a fire
$50,000 in damages at Noor’s Fine Foods on Broadview

Libraries cut late fees to draw users
Under-25s to get biggest fine reduction at Toronto branches