I’m a wannabe creative from Toronto. I’m miserable and cynical even though people think I’m bubbly and I usually enjoy writing about anything sex, film or Scarborough related. Check out my Instagram @meshisland.






The¬†“About” page is similar to when someone says, “Tell me about yourself.” It’s nerve-wracking and always makes your mind whirl even if you have a response prepared. I know it requires a brief response but there’s so much about me that I can’t wrap up that easily¬†and it concerns me that this is an expectation. If the expectation is there, then surely that means it is possible. And if it is possible, then I must be able to do it. I ramble. I suppose that’s something you should know about me. Sometimes my writing may seem unfocused and my mind wanders but I always bring things back together. But I hate long intros, kind of like what this was. I like when things get straight to the point. That’s why I’m going to type what I would want to know immediately if I were glancing someone’s “About” page and put this paragraph at the bottom in case readers are still interested in learning more.