We Need More Coming-of-Age Films about Young Black Women

There’s an urgency to see more young black women at the centre of coming of age films. In this battle for representation, we not only have to tackle the capitalist structure that prioritizes white narratives, but we also have to address the fact that for young black women, coming of age experiences are not monolithic — and these stories ought to be directed by black women, duh. Who else could talk about the experience of being a black queer woman better than a black queer director? Take Anaiis Cisco, who’s currently working on a film that focuses on a 20-something black woman’s sexual exploration with another woman. Cisco knows the way the industry works and says she’s fully aware that, “blackness is trending, queerness is trending and if you’re a white woman trying to get funding, you’re more likely to get it than my black ass.”

Read the rest here!

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