It’ll make you sit at the very front to see the subtitles because you made it before the previews but after all the upper seats were taken.

It’ll make you reluctantly sit through the intro theme song, crave the “Skip Intro” option on Netflix but quietly appreciate the rest of the soundtrack.

It’ll confuse you.

It’ll make you laugh, cry, mumble in frustration and sigh with relief. One or all of these things will be witnessed by a fellow movie watcher.

It’ll make you flail your arms in disbelief and make your stomach drop with utter disappoint just when it gave you hope.

It’ll trip you the fuck out. Burn before going, if you do that kind of thing.

It’ll impress you with its spectacular animation. With that said, snow is much more enjoyable when it’s animated.

It’ll make you crave ramen and realize how much prettier ramen looks in anime.

It’ll make your heart race.

It’ll make you happy.

It’ll make you want to engage in an in-depth discussion on the beauty of the film and the emotional rollercoaster it put you through.



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